Friday, January 16, 2009

Help in Vacating Blogger/BlogSpot?

Dear LazyWeb,

I've been on Blogger and BlogSpot for a while now, and I'm sick of it. After a pretty minor configuration change yesterday locked everybody out of the comments for a number of hours, I've finally decided that it's time to move on. (More importantly, like many Google acquisitions, after the Big-G bought them out, innovation large seems to have ceased; I hate being that far behind the curve).

After looking at quite a few options out there, it looks like all the cool kids are using WordPress, so whether I like it or not I think I might be stuck with it.

So with that in mind, LazyWeb, can I ask you for advice:
  • Should I go with WordPress or with your favorite platform of choice (please, plug away!)
  • Should I host myself (on some type of cloud environment, probably FlexiScale)? What do I get out of this?
  • If I choose a hosted provider, which one do I go with? What am I trading off on this decision?
Please, LazyWeb, help me!

Love and Rants Always,

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