Sunday, March 15, 2009

USPTO #20090063418 - Yes, I'm Aware

This has hit Slashdot, so given my audience I have to respond. Yes, I've been aware of this for several days. In the interest of fairness, I'm waiting for Red Hat to make a comment that might be accessible to me.

I'm not willing to wait forever, and I'm not pleased about the situation. Considering I met Carl Trieloff for the first time at qCon this week, I'm going to let them respond, but my patience isn't eternal.

In summary, assume the following:

  • I know of the patent application;
  • I'm apoplectic with rage (like 3 on the Kirk anger scale[1]);
  • I'm swallowing that anger until I hear a good explanation for the patent application.

[1]: A scale invented by ex-coworkers. Most people register in milli-Kirks at best. Yes, this is "Kirk's Rants" for a reason. :-)

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