Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Ivy Tutorial Strikes Back

We're continuing on with the Jim Moores Guest Post series, as Ivy proceeds to destroy his source code directory.

After my previous problem with the build.xml file supplied in the Ivy tutorial I hit another issue that I thought I'd share. The default ant build file given in the Ivy tutorial generates an example source file within the ant file and then builds it. I, and I presume many others, based their new ivy-aware projects on that file. It has the default targets for downloading and installing ivy. Yeah. Problem is that one of the targets looks like this:

Can you see where this is going? Note where it says to delete the entire source directory. Yeah. That just happened to me.

I lost about half a week's work. It was my own fault. Because I'm a Perforce refugee and we've decided to try using git, I was more hesitant than usual about checking non-working code into my own code branch just because i wasn't so familiar with the git style of doing things. So while I was trying to get the ivy problems ironed out I ran ant clean which promptly deleted all my source code. All of it. Well, except the unit tests.

Please, let this be a lesson that I've learned so that you don't have to. While I accept that this was my fault, I can't help thinking that as a rule no build file should ever delete the entire contents from the src directory, particularly not one shipped as part of a tutorial that one would attempt on existing code.

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