Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monty's Almost Certainly Looking For Investment

Remember how I predicted that Monty was attempting to create such an untenable situation for Oracle that they had to dispose of the MySQL IP and put it into his hands? Remember how all of Monty's protestations were based on the fact that he doesn't have the money to buy it? Remember how I said that he might not have it now, but could probably raise it?

Yeah. He's trying.

From Reuters, Florian Mueller is touring Wall Street:

EU strategist who is former MySQL shareholder and adviser announces Silicon Valley press conference (26 October) and New York City analyst briefing (27 October) -- Florian Mueller wants to "explain positions of critics of proposed transaction in the lion's den" -- New York event due to "strong Wall Street interest in the matter."

There haven't been any protestations from Wall Street that I've seen that they're unhappy with Oracle acquiring MySQL. Rather, this has been a European affair as Monty tries to get the EU to interfere in industrial policy for his own personal benefit. So why in the world would you send your sockpuppet to Wall Street to explain any positions? What interest would Wall Street have in the matter other than to provide funding?

You might argue that he's going there to talk about the position they're taking with the EU competition commission because there are lots of people who own Oracle and/or Sun stock, and might be interested in the matter. But I think a much simpler story is at least as likely: Florian is attempting to drum up a capital raise to acquire the MySQL IP to make the problem go away for Oracle, and to convince Oracle and Sun shareholders that Monty and Florian will do whatever it takes to block the acquisition so that they'll tell Larry to let go.

Add to the Look at the Balls on that Guy category: Florian Mueller.

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