Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 Predictions Revisited

As promised, I'm coming back to revisit my predictions for 2009 to see how I've done. As predicted by virtue of my fuzziness, I was mostly right on most subjects. Let's go into particulars!

Messaging Breaking Out
I think I did pretty well there. We've still not got a final AMQP 1.0, but just following Twitter and blogs I'm seeing a lot more people, particularly from the non-financial world, starting to use messaging in their applications.

Cloud Becoming Less Buzzy
Complete strike-out here. The same people arguing amongst themselves over what is "cloud" is still going on. That being said, the use of utility computing (as I prefer to call it) is on the rise, and Amazon has come up with so many innovations in the space that it's hard to keep track.

Java Stagnating
Mixed bag on this one I have to say. Java has definitely stagnated, and we still don't have a Java 7. That being said, it looks like the delayed Java 7 may actually give us the chance to see JSR-310 and closures coming into the language, which would be a very positive development.

Java stagnating leads nicely into my next subject (yes, I'm going out of order now):

Non-Traditional Languages Breaking Out
I think I hit this one right on the head. The stagnation of Java, and prominent proponents of systems like Scala and Groovy, are seeing people being more willing than ever to consider these languages the "next Java". Scala in particular has gone from an interesting programming language to one which is seeing mass adoption in enterprises and in web shops.

C# Over-Expanding
To be honest, I have no idea how I did here. I've found myself completely and utterly outside of the C# ecosystem, so I'll have to leave it to one of my faithful readers to fill me in on how I did here.

Social Networking Losing Money
Yep, I failed here. Twitter's probably profitable, Facebook is almost certainly gearing up for an IPO. I was completely wrong here.

But it's not just the social networks themselves, social gaming has gone from an interesting idea to one that makes lots of money, indicating that the space of social networking has started to turn profitable not just for network providers, but also for network ecosystem partners.

Sun Radically Restructuring
I think I can say I was right here, in that they're radically restructuring themselves into Snoracle.

Next year's predictions on the way!

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