Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Content Management System Advice?

Dear Lazyweb,

If you've not seen the OpenGamma website yet, you'll note that it could best be described as a "holding page." It says that we exist and are hiring, but not a whole heck of a lot more.

We're currently writing content for a Real Web Site where, amongst other things, we'll actually say what is that we're doing. For that, we need some way to manage content.

Our current four contenders is:

We like Confluence as a wiki, and are using it for our internal wiki as well as the Fudge Messaging web site. Other people we know use it as their primary web site management platform. Should we follow them?
Not just a blogging system, but a whole content framework! What's not to love! Aside from the performance of course, but just bung more VMs at it and we'll be fine.
Movable Type
Movable Type differs from WordPress in one primary way that we can see: it's primarily static in nature, which we like as it simplifies the hosting and performance quite a bit. Should we roll that out?
Personally I've never actually used it in any way (unlike everything else above), but there are lots of very happy users.

We're trying to figure out which one we're going to roll with, because much will then guide our choice of the person/people who actually do the web site generation for us (we're financial technologists, not web technologists, and we're not stupid enough to try to do it ourselves).

With that in mind, Internet Flamewar/Fanboi War ON.


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