Friday, July 09, 2010

OpenGamma has come out of stealth mode

Ever since I announced here on my blog that OpenGamma was funded, my posting frequency has dropped off precipitously. This was in no small part because I've been spending so much time helping to build OpenGamma, but also because the constraints of being in stealth mode meant that I didn't want to accidentally disclose too much about what we were building.

Today I'm pleased to report that I can finally open up to the world, because OpenGamma has come out of stealth mode.

I'm going to let the OpenGamma blog post and web site speak for itself, except to clarify the distinction between my various internet personas and publishing vehicles:

  • My personal blog will remain just that: I'll keep posting on Kirk's Rants about technologies I'm interested in, and startup advice and culture. Nothing will change there, except that my current relatively low rate of updates will likely continue.
  • The OpenGamma team (myself included) will be blogging about OpenGamma-related matters, and subjects that are likely to be of particular relevance to the financial technology community on the OpenGamma Blog. Some of this will be technical, some of it will be related to OpenGamma, and some of it will be specific to financial services.
  • I'll try to keep the cross-posting from the OpenGamma Blog to my blog to a minimum, and only do so if I think it's a technology-related matter that would be of interest to my readers.
  • My personal blog represents nothing other than my personal beliefs, and should not be construed to be the opinion of the OpenGamma group of companies, its board of directors, or executives.

If you've been wondering what I've been doing for the past year, and what OpenGamma is going to keep doing, I encourage you to visit our new web site.

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