Monday, July 28, 2008

Real MOM is Hard; Let's Use XMPP!

Dare Obasanjo brings up an argument that I've actually heard in the past: "You don't need a real message oriented middleware system, just use Jabber/XMPP!" Sigh.

As near as I can tell, this comes down to one of four possible rationales, all of which are equally likely:
  1. Many current web developers have never worked with enterprise tools sufficiently to understand that Message Oriented Middleware actually exists, and is worth using. Considering the number of times I've seen, even in Java applications, people going through massive coding gymnastics to avoid JMS or any similar solution, this would not surprise me. The LAMP stack defines itself almost directly by opposition to traditional "enterprise" tools, and while that's a good thing in a lot of respects, it means that users most comfortable with that stack are pretty ignorant of the good stuff that's out there.
  2. Microsoft has never made a reasonable MOM system, and anyone primarily familiar with Microsoft tools has thus never used one, given that the Microsoft development ecosystem is really defined by slavish acceptance of strict vendor lock-in.
  3. XMPP is more web-friendly (ooh! Well-defined XML!) and thus a better match for web developers, in their opinion. Again, much like #1, I just don't buy this.
  4. AMQP isn't done yet, and isn't a real standard yet. Therefore, people who are at least partial to avoiding vendor lock-in can't provide it as a protocol that can be used. XMPP is done and available today.
Fundamentally what you want is a proper Message Oriented Middleware solution here.

While you can use XMPP for this, why not just use AMQP or JMS or some other similar system designed for precisely this type of many-to-many matching?
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