Saturday, February 07, 2009

BarCap Standardizes On Solace For MOM

(via Hans Jesperson at Solace)

Usually I don't regurgitate press releases, but I think this one is particularly interesting to my fair readers: Solace To Supply Barclays Capital with Global Standard for Messaging Middleware.

Barclays Capital will use Solace 3260 Content Routers to integrate applications spanning the front, middle and back office. By consolidating all messaging needs onto the new platform Barclays Capital will simplify the current infrastructure while saving on development, datacenter and support costs.
Congratulations to Solace Systems for such a big win! Now if they can get content routing that's based on something less stupid than XML.........

I've said it before, but fundamentally I don't believe that existing commercial broker software has much of a future, as long as a hardware platform (e.g. Tervela, Solace) prices out to roughly the same as Tier-1 hardware with per-core licensing of any of the commercial players. Hardware will win by every metric as long as you're paying the Tibco/Progress/IBM/Fiorano licensing costs. If you're BarCap, why in the world would you pay to roll out Tibco EMS on Tier-1 hardware, when for the same price per node you get something far faster in every single metric, and without the OS maintenance overhead?

The world is going to come down to five major players:
  • Hardware Vendors (Solace, Tervela, et. al)
  • Open Source Software (RabbitMQ, qPid, et. al)
  • Low-Cost Appliances (someone offer it for sale and you'll get customers I think)
  • Middleware Services (Amazon SQS and future players)
  • IBM (because large banks will never ever in a million years be able to move off of MQ Series, almost exclusively because of the Mainframe problem).
If you're not one of those, figure out how you can compete, because the buckets are pretty clear to me.
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