Friday, February 20, 2009

Tervela Joins AMQP Working Group

The Press Release. No, it's not on the formal AMQP Working Group web site yet as of my writing this.

I think this is really promising, as it's the first hardware vendor to have formally signed up to join the AMQP Working Group (despite my prodding of Solace to do so). I hope they manage to produce a full hardware implementation of the spec!

It also continues the industry's relentless march to where I believe is its destiny:
  • Open Source
  • Cheap Appliances
  • Custom Hardware
  • Cloud Provision
  • IBM

If you're not one of those 5, figure out how you can be, because otherwise you're in the downward spiral. If you're paying someone not one of those five, start working on your exit strategy before it's too late and you're paying ground rent until the end of time for a second-rate solution. Don't migrate yet, but have your plan in place.

Update: Here's the Official Tervela site press release.
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