Sunday, February 08, 2009

Powered By Cloud Rundown

I had the privilege of chairing the Powered By Cloud Privacy, Regulation, and Security in Cloud Computing session last week.

While the snow shut down all of London, and the entire schedule had to be juggled to handle the complete failure of London's transport system, Tim Jackson and the rest of the crew did an amazing job putting together a two-day conference over the two worst weather days of the year.

I had the privilege of chairing the session with:

We each had our own take on the subject (Paul talked about regulation and international boundaries, Miranda talked about general concerns, Brian talked about licensing, Richard gave some general comments), and I think it was a pretty great conversation for all involved. I could tell by some of the questions at the end from the audience that this particular subject really is critical to the Cloud adoption community, and hopefully we shed some light on the concerns and the state of the art in the space.

My talk in particular was about how regulations, particularly in financial services, don't explicitly state that you can't use any particular Cloud-Sourced service, but, rather, that interpretations of principles-based regulation cause your internal or external auditor to disallow things that you really should be able to do. Basically, you can use Cloud Computing in IT, if you're willing to stand up to the auditors who are just focused on bureaucratic box-checking.

Slides (short, as we each had 10-15 minutes on our own):
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